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Activities of the Department aimed at establishing and developing international relations and international cooperation in university research, educational and other fields by making arrangements to form a circle of foreign partners, additional funding sources NAU, to create conditions for cooperation with foreign citizens, educational institutions, research institutions , international organizations, funds.

The main international collaboration of university, realized with the participation of the department are:

• implementation of joint projects with foreign partners and programs;

• education and training graduate students and students abroad;

• training of specialists, training of scientists and postgraduate training in foreign educational and research institutions;

• organization of visits of representatives of foreign educational institutions, research institutions and other organizations to give lectures at NAU, experience sharing and negotiation;

• Organization of international conferences and symposia;

• cooperation with other countries, foreign organizations, enterprises in the fields of training activities, training of staff;

• establishment of branches of NAU, international associations, organizations, associations of science and educational activities and business cooperation;

• Organization of cultural and educational exchanges;

• implementation of other forms of international cooperation.

The basis for international cooperation is bilateral or multilateral agreements between NAU and its foreign partners and international projects of the university. Agreements and projects that are implemented with NAU, registered, copies are kept in the department.