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Grant for Master and PhD Programmes at the University of Adelaide

The selection and ranking of applicants within the University of Adelaide is undertaken by the Graduate Scholarships Committee, using the criteria of academic merit and research potential.

The programme covers all the Master and PhD programmes.

Grant includes:

- tuition fees;

- living allowance;

- medical insurance.


- students who are not citizens on Australia and New Zealand;

- students who have successfully completed at least the equivalent of an Australian First Class Honours degree (this is a four year degree with a major research project in the final year). Scholarships will be awarded on academic merit and research potential. Extra-curricular achievements are not considered;

- students who don’t hold a research qualification regarded by the University of Adelaide;

- candidates who speak English fluently.

To get a grant, candidates have to submit a formal application for Admission and a Scholarship via the online application system by 31 August/31 January for Term I; 31 January/30 April for Term II.

Detailed information about the programme is on the organisers’ website.