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Airport Strategic Management


1. Regulation of international airports operations

Global level of regulation of international airports operations

Regional level of regulation of international airports operations

Intergovernmental level of regulation of international airports operations

National level of regulation of international airports operations

2. Safety management system of international airports

Definition of aviation safety system

An integrated approach to aviation safety in the interaction of the air carrier, airport and air navigation service provider.

The safety management system of international airport

3. Commercial management of international air transportations

Features of commercial management of international airports

Fueling Аgreement

Catering Аgreement

Handling Аgreement

Service Agreement

Code Share - Blocked Space Agreement.

Code Share - Free - Sale Agreement.

Charter Agreement:

  • One-time Charter
  • Split Charter
  • Chain Charter
  • Time Charter

Marketing components of the development air carrier’s schedule

SLOT coordination

Conferences of IATA “passenger and cargo transportations”, as a platform for reconciling the interests of airlines and airports.

4. Strategic Management and Marketing of International Airport

Strategic planning of airports

Commercial models of airports management

Marketing of airport as the quintessence of stakeholder interests
Non-aeronautical activities of airport

Interaction between airport and airlines:

• Airlines of classical type,

• LOW COST airlines

• Cargo airlines

• Charter airlines

5. Features of airports and air carriers economics

Settlements management

Features of pricing for different types of services to the international airport.
Airport charges
Air navigation fees
Ways to reduce of operating costs of international air transportations
Indicators of economic efficiency of the air carrier and airport