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Освіта задля лідерства, інтелігентності та розвитку таланту.

Education for Leadership, Intelligence and Talent Encouraging

Motivation behind the Project

The modern society is characterized by the constant changes and transformations (often called “social turbulence”). Under such conditions, the role of social administration (leadership potential) and organizational development (institutional ability and dynamics) are crucial. HEIs (as the pools of expertise and centers for the human resources development) have to become key players in the successful transition to a knowledge-based economy and democratic society by providing the training for a new generation of leaders.

The main problem of the Project is critical demand to strengthen the role of Ukrainian HEIs in implementation of Public HRD Policy by realization of services for leadership and organizational development (L&OD). The practice and results of studies certify a fact that a key obstacle to provide effective organizational development, responsive governance and HRM in realization of the administrative and economic reforms in Ukraine is poor level of ability of the leaders of public institutions.

How the Project fits within the development strategies of Ukraine

Program of Economic Reforms for 2010–2014 “Wealthy Society, Competitive Economy, Effective State” initiated by the President of Ukraine underlined the problem of HRD in Ukraine.

In order to provide the complex solving of the problem mentioned, “Strategy of HRD Policy – 2010–2020” (Order of the President of Ukraine (#45/2012, February 1, 2012) was developed and approved.

The Project addresses the following priorities, determined by the Strategy:

- HR potential and behaviour qualities of managers development;

- implementation of modern technologies for HRD;

- modernization of the system for in-service training of managers by implementing modern and effective forms & methods of learning and evaluation on the basis of competence approach;

- training and professional development of the leaders of public service, organizations and enterprises in order to provide effective administration and leadership in realization of the administrative and economic reforms.