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Global Talent International Professional Internship Programme

Target group: full-time and extramural 4-6-year students, graduates or young specialists (no more than 2 years after graduation). Applicants are to be 20-28 years old.

Place of internship: Poland, Turkey, Egypt, India, Greece, Estonia.

Brief description: Global Talent is a brand of the international professional internship programme. This programme offers to its participants a unique opportunity to get new practical experience for the sake of their successful career by developing their professional skills in another country.

Duration of the programme: 3 – 12 months.

Internship areas: teaching, marketing, sales, human resource management, hotel business, finance, information technology, engineering.

Terms: the salary participants get covers accommodation, food, and transport fees in the city they live.

Participation fee: 2000 – 3000 UAH.

For the further information on the requirements and stages of the programme please click the following link: