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Internship in Zurich

Internship in Zurich

Avrios company offers paid internship for students who do well with software.

The main duties of the participants are to be as follows:

- participation in technical marketing of the company (marketing via e-mail, performance marketing, blogging etc.);

- direct interaction with people responsible for decision making (via e-mail correspondence, by telephone).

Participants get:

- an opportunity of interning in education medium;

- a monthly payment of above 500 EUR;

- coffee breaks and fresh fruit;

- an opportunity of visiting the Alps.


- general technical training (Excel, Tableau, Matlab, VBA, SQL);

- good knowledge of general software operation;

- opportunity and desire of quick learning;

- good command of German and English.

The internship period is 6 months.

Detailed information is on the organisers’ website.