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Fulbright Graduate Student Exchange Program для студентів та випускників

Fulbright Graduate student Program

Target audience: senior student, graduates of high education institutions

Participants receive: tuition fee in university of USA, monthly scholarship, medical insurance, fare of air transport.

Timing of documents May 16 annually.

Detailed information

Studying at American universities for a period of 1 to 2 years for acquiring a Master's degree. Senior students and graduates can take part in contest.

Areas of specializing:





library science





Public Administration

State policy

Ecology / Environment

Economics (theoretical directions)

Journalism / Mass Communication

Engineering Science

Information Science


History, criticism or management in the field of culture and theater

Computer Science

Linguistics / Applied Linguistics



Materials Science

Art (painting, sculpture, music, cinema, theater, photography, choreography) / Art Criticism)

International relations


Education / management in education


Protection of Historical Heritage

Pedagogical Sciences

Political Science



Social work






Requirements for applicants:

- Ukrainian citizenship, place of residence - Ukraine

- Speak professional English enough for communication in academic environment

- have at least a bachelor's degree at the time of the fellowship appointment (August 2017)

- be back in Ukraine 2 years after the end of the grant terms in accordance with the requirements of J-1 visa, which is obtaining by exchange program members

* Can’t be participants of the competitive examination: USA embassy in Ukraine workers (and their close relatives: husbands/wifes, children, sisters, brothers and etc.) and workers of US government agencies that are included in US diplomatic mission in Ukraine; Fulbright program in Ukraine and other organizations, study and exchange programs, financed by US State Department. This prohibition becomes invalid in one year after termination of employment by contract in mentioned institutions and organizations.

**Can’t be participants of the competitive examination: citizens of Ukraine, permanently residing in the US for 5 years; those who have permanent residence permitting in USA; students who are studying at US universities during the competitive examination.

***Those who previously received J-1 and J-2 visa, can apply for the program no sooner than 2 years after coming back to Ukraine. This requirement doesn't concern some exchange J-1 type program members to whom the requirement of a two-year stay in the country of residence does not apply, for example Summer Work and Travel program (see comments to visa)

Grant Conditions:

- university tuition fees

- monthly scholarship

- medical insurance

- round-trip tickets

You can apply for registration in program up to May 16.

To get acquainted with the list of documents and requirements for their execution click here